Trims & Packaging

With 20+ years of experience, we are expertized on the design and production of Labels, Trims and Packaging. We can help to deliver the functionality and branding value with these components to your product, as well as facilitating the distribution in your supply chain.



Our extensive network of suppliers enables us to provide a one-stop service to you. Please feel free to discuss with our sourcing team, they will seek to understand your need, then select the most suitable source for producing your item. Through long term commitment to our mills, we are able to achieve high quality at competitive costs.


Green packaging

While trims and packaging are essential for a product, it is no doubt they should be designed and manufactured in a sustainable way. From the design to choice of eco-friendly material towards the end of life cycle, our experts have in-depth knowledge and can advise you on the transit.

Image by ZMorph Multitool 3D Printer

3D printing

We are enthusiastic to keep ourselves updated to the market & new technology. 3D-printing has been added for a faster turnaround in prototyping, which also ensure latter moulding is up to your expectation.